The Dos and Don’ts of Dissertation Writing Every Student Must Know

The Dos and Don’ts of Dissertation Writing Every Student Must Know

What You Need to Remember While Writing a Dissertation

Dissertation writing is one of the most stressful projects one can complete in college. Apart from dissertations from being lengthy, they are quite demanding. You cannot just wing it in dissertation writing. These papers require one to have in-depth knowledge of the subject area before you can craft them. As you develop the article, remember;

  1. Work in sections. Taking on the entire task can be overwhelming; so, you can break down the project and work in manageable sections.
  2. Focus on drafting first. Producing the final draft on the first try will take your focus from writing. Drafting will allow you to make mistakes you can correct later.
  3. When including factual evidence into your arguments, ensure you have checked that they are up to date.

4 Common Mistakes Made by Students in Dissertation Writing

In dissertation writing, it is only natural for students to make mistakes; however, failing to rectify some of these mistakes could cost them a good grade. Here are some of those mistakes;

Failure to Research 

Dissertations are one of the academic papers that heavily rely on research. Without uncovering information on the topic, coming up with a piece is impossible. Students who construct a dissertation without enough content end up submitting 

Inconsistency in Writing

No marker likes reading a mambo jumbo of thoughts spread across a paper. It is not only distracting but also strenuous. A dissertation paper that lacks flow lacks clarity, making you lose marks in the final grade. 

Plagiarism occurrence 

Copying another writer's work or ideas and submitting it as yours is a serious academic offense. You can quickly get a penalty and lose your credibility as a writer. 

Last-minute Writing 

There are many distractions in school, and it is easy for time to pass you by before completing your dissertation. Waiting until the last minute to work is, however, a big mistake. In a rush to meet the deadline, you will likely submit low-quality results that will earn you a low grade. 

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls That Could Hurt Your Dissertation 

Now that you know the commonly made mistakes by students in dissertation writing, here are some pointers on how to avoid them;

Do Your Homework

The construction of a dissertation paper is built upon the foundation of research. That is why it is a crucial step in the dissertation writing process.

Come up with a Structure

Presentation is critical in dissertation writing because a lot is determined by how you present your thoughts. An outline will give you a head start on formatting your work. Also, ensure you adhere to your department's academic conventions regarding the formatting of your paper. 

Reference Your Work 

Borrowing ideas from other writers in dissertation writing is acceptable. However, the key is to use them to support your views and not present them as yours. Being unique will give the paper an authentic feel. 

Set a Schedule 

A schedule will help you remain on track with the writing process. Plan for the writing before the deadline as it will give you enough time to research and gather all the information needed to develop the paper. 

Students should be able to craft a dissertation with the writing hacks provided above effortlessly. Implement them while writing and transform into a dissertation guru.

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